Hepatic Encephalopathy Symptom Checklist

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Hepatic Encephalopathy Symptom Checklist

Download this easy-to-use checklist by clicking below, fill it out, and talk to your loved one’s doctor about any mental or physical symptoms you’ve noticed.

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Track their symptoms

By paying close attention to the mental and physical symptoms, you may be able to alert your loved one’s doctor before things get worse. Even if they are already diagnosed, writing down any possible symptoms they may be experiencing can help guide the discussion at the next doctor’s appointment.

Even if your loved one is taken to the hospital for an overt HE episode, tracking their symptoms is important. Your loved one’s other doctors, including their primary care doctor, their hepatologist, or their gastroenterologist, may be able to help manage overt HE as long as you keep them informed.

Symptoms of overt HE can include:


  • Lack of energy or interest
  • Confusion
  • Not knowing where you are or where you’re going
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Severe personality changes


  • Sleepiness or change in sleep patterns
  • Worsening of handwriting
  • Loss of small hand movements
  • Tremors or shaking of hands or arms
  • Breath with a musty or sweet odor

Help them create a management plan

Proper medical care and lifestyle changes can help manage your loved one’s overt hepatic encephalopathy. Managing overt HE may require medical care, lifestyle changes, and a whole team of different doctors.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Help your loved one follow diet changes or recommendations
Make sure your loved one is able to pick up their medicine; have it delivered or arrange to have it mailed so they don’t miss taking their medicine as prescribed by their doctor
Monitor to make sure your loved one is taking his or her medicine the way the doctor recommends
Monitor your loved one to help avoid greater harm, including the risk of falling
Talk about any concerns you have with a doctor, nurse, or other members of your loved one’s healthcare team

XIFAXAN HE Living Kit Flashcard

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XIFAXAN HE Living Kit Flashcard

If your loved one has been prescribed XIFAXAN, this is the place to start. This flashcard gives a brief overview about managing overt HE with XIFAXAN, including dosing and savings program details.

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